Tetrodoku: Block Puzzle Games

Tetrodoku: Block Puzzle Games

Addicting, relaxing and fun 

Addicting, relaxing and fun – Tetrodoku is an all-new color block puzzle game to train your brain!
Retro style neon color blocks await you and your friends in a beautiful, addicting block puzzle game. Addicting yet casual, play for 5 minutes or 5 hours – solo or with teams!

Casual games let you play anytime, for however long you want. Relaxing games like Tetrodoku are calming games that help you wind down after a stressful day.
Sudoku style logic meets cube grid puzzles – test your logic! Brain training games keep your brain fit and healthy. Train your brain matching color block puzzle shapes on the sudoku style board! Merge blocks 9 in a row (vertical or horizontal) or use logic skills to fill a 3 by 3 square.

Match colors and earn bonus bombs! Smash blocks and earn stars for clearing lines, use stars to open chests for great prizes and power-ups like the rotate boost, row boost or column boost!

2 player games mean you can play together! Team up with friends in co-op gameplay and chat as you clear the puzzle blocks turn-by-turn. Co-op puzzle games are a great challenge in this fun color block smash game.


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